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2018 Targeted Candidates

Carol’s List is pleased to announce our 2018 Targeted Candidates List. These women are going the extra mile every day to run winning campaigns in their communities. We've endorsed 47 women this election cycle, and all have the potential to make a huge difference in our state.


Our Mission

Carol’s List recruits, trains, elects, and supports progressive pro-choice Democratic women in their path to elected office. Carol’s List increases women’s power and influence within the political arena.


We believe that in order to have a truly representative democracy, at least 50% of our elected leaders should be women. With targeted recruitment, excellent support and training, and help with fundraising women will gain equal representation in the Montana Legislature. When strong female candidates are on the ballot, women will turn out to vote in record numbers. Women’s voices matter. The influence of women office holders leads to the adoption of progressive policies which benefit our entire community.