All endorsed Candidates

2018 Endorsed Candidates

The following candidates have received the endorsement of Carol's List for the 2018 cycle (the second round of endorsements will be announced in June after the primary elections).

Jennifer Allen SD 5 Kalispell
Susan A. Webber SD 8 Browning
Mary Zeiss Stange SD 19 Ekalaka
Mary McNally SD 24 Billings
Elizabeth "Betsy" Scanlin SD 29 Red Lodge
Jennifer "JP" Pomnichowski SD 33 Bozeman
Janet Ellis SD 41 Helena
Jill Cohenour SD 42 East Helena
Diane Sands SD 49 Missoula
Kwen Shirley HD 4 Evergreen
Mary Custer HD 6 Whitefish
Diane L. Magone HD 14 Superior
Lynelle Melton HD 19 Great Falls
Laura Dever HD 22 Great Falls
Barbara Bessette HD 24 Great Falls
Rachel Stansberry HD 29 Lewistown
Rae Peppers HD 41 Lame Deer
Blair Koch HD 43 Billings
Anne Giuliano HD 46 Billings
Kathy Kelker HD 47 Billings
Denise Albrecht HD 64 Bozeman
Denise Hayman HD 66 Bozeman
Kristine Menicucci HD 67 Belgrade
Catherine Scott HD 80 Helena
Moffie Funk HD 82 Helena
Kim Abbott HD 83 Helena
Mary Ann Dunwell HD 84 Helena
Margaret Gorski HD 88 Stevensville
Marilyn Marler HD 90 Missoula
Kimberly Dudik HD 94 Missoula
Marilyn Ryan HD 99 Missoula
Andrea Olsen HD 100 Missoula